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STUDIO – Nestruction Virtual Production Studios

We believe imagination is the only limitation. We believe there’s a way to create anything in a virtual world. In our studio, your virtual ideas become reality.

We offer new generation virtual production services. Our services include customized production & mixed reality surroundings with the latest real-time technologies, such as camera tracking, game engines and media servers.



Thanks to our real time tracking system, linked to the virtual word engine, we are able to provide the final video footage in real time.
You can be placed virtually (pun intended) in any environment. Whatever location you’d like to be in, be it a cool news studio, outside on the streets or at the top of a mountain in planet Mars surrounded by flying aliens.


Got a project in mind?

Do you have a studio broadcast you’d need to stream to people? Or perhaps you’d want to shoot an advertisement? Maybe there’s a music video needed?

There’s something unique in all productions. Please call or email us a few words about your need, and let’s create something awesome together!

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Emil Pohjalainen (CEO)